Using Science, Data and Innovation to Make a Difference


Strong academic capability and research-oriented mindset are combined with solid knowledge in advanced Mathematics and Statistics, and of course with rich and wide experience, offering reliable analytical research skills and competitive problem-solving ability.

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Research & Project Interests (click to open)

Research Interests Project Interests
▻▻ Startup and growth in software industry;
▻▻ Innovation and technology management esp. SMEs;
▻▻ Cross industry alliance;
▻▻ Austrian Economics;
▻▻ Complexity Theory;
▻▻ Stochastic models and quantitative methodology…
▻▻ Marketing and internationalization;
▻▻ Eco-business development;
▻▻ Coordination, internal training and HR management;
▻▻ Customer service and experience improvement;
▻▻ Process optimization in sales, marketing and R&D…

Education & Skills


Shanghai University of Finance & Economics


Major in International Economics and Trade
September 2007 - June 2011
Shanghai, China
GPA: 3.24 out of 4


University of Jyväskylä

Jyväskylän Yliopisto

Major in Business and Entrepreneurship
Minor in Mathematics and Statistics
September 2014 - ...
Central Finland / Keski-suomi

Data Analysis
Strong in organizing, analyzing and presenting data sets. Capable of performing various type of prediction, evaluation, profiling and inducing management implications.
Advanced Software
Expert in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Familiar with statistical software, including R, SPSS and Matlab. Capable of utilizing Adobe Creative suites, e.g. PS, LR, PR, MU...
Finance Background
Strong knowledge and practical ability in Financial Risk Management, Corporate Finance; familiar with bank industry
Beyond ...
Innovative thinking; handicraft; first-aid and lifeguard; certified car-mechanics ...

Extract of Experience

Winkler Pool Management Ltd.

Summer Job in the US:  June – Septemeber 2010

Position: Lifeguard, Pool Operator

Roles and Responsibilities:
Independently responsible for swimming pool safety and operation.
Broadened horizon; better understanding of culture diversity and business in US.

Bank of Shanghai Co. Ltd

Employment Period:  July 2011 – June 2014

Position: HR Specialist, Statistician Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities:
44 branches, 900 employees under admin
Personnel management: coordinating recruiting and interview, personal evaluation, recruitment plans, turnover estimation, training plans.
Perform statistical analysis, including KPI configuration, internal fund transfer price calculation, etc.

(Official) Apple Retial Store

Internship in Apple:  October 2010 – June 2011

Position: Specialist Intern

Roles and Responsibilities:
Organizing and delivering presentations on products; expert in various applications.
Direct sales to end-customers, as well as service to over 100 walk-in customers per day.